Our “Sadgirls Only” relationship seminar is heading to WA! Join us on saturday November 4th for an evening of venting, love advice, story sharing and our now integrated POTLUCK  we have been having. ALL AGES, women only! NO MEN ALLOWED! This get together is approximately 4hrs long, sometimes a bit more but you can leave at any time. It takes place in the evening time. Exact location and time are only given to those who buy a ticket as this is a PRIVATE GATHERING, not a show. This is a very small group event so start saving up and get your ticket ASAP. You are welcome to bring any food youd like to share with the group “POTLUCK” but you are not required. Drinks will be fully provided to those 21+ with ID as well as regular beverages for the everyone else. We are all there for a reason.. we have relationship issues, drama, something going on. NO JUDGMENT ZONE. We all get to speak on our problems and maybe get or give some of our own advice to each other. You never know who you may be helping out by sharing your story.

TICKETS $100 — NO REFUNDS! so make sure you are able to attend. SEND @helloloca on INSTAGRAM a DM MESSAGE after you buy your ticket to confirm so take a screenshot when you buy it and send it in your message.



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